4KW GL300 precious plastic shredder Kwell China

The GL300 shredder is a mini type shredder, with double shredding shaft. It can shred plastic bottle, cup, metal Aluminum cans, hard plastic, sheet,extrusion die head mould plastic lump, glass, book, carton, kitchen waste garbage...etc.
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GL300 precious plastic shredder Kwell China

Machine Applications: 
Applicable to shred small sizes of plastic/rubber such as shells of TV sets, washers and refrigerators, vehicle guardrail, large pipes, chemical barrels and fork plates, plastic doorframe, plastic PET bottle, cell phone, book, magzine, cup, glass bottle, metal aluminum cans, as well as dies, tires, electric cable, IC boards and aluminum/paper products, waste cloth, waste furniture, wood, straw and household garbage.

Machine Features:
1. Dual cutter shaft design, low revolution and noise;
2. Helical Gear Reducer, large torque and strong power;
3. Special steel cutter with high strength and long service life;
4. Combined design, easy to maintain.
5. PLC control, automatic forward and reversal function.


GL300 Technical Parameters 
Model GL300
Shredding Room(mm) 300×300
Motor Power(kw) 4kw
Rotary Blades(pcs) 30
Thickness of blades 10mm
Gearbox Guomao
PLC Siemens
Electric Component Siemens

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Frank Verkuijlen
Dec 20, 2019
CAn you send a short film of the GL300.
Peter Pap
Oct 14, 2019
Hello! How much would it cost if all i needed gl-300 shredder a stand and engine. thanks for your answers