China cheap PVC powder hot cutting air cooling granulating pelletizing line

Item No.: PVC pelletizing-2
With different designs of screw, this pvc hot-cutting granulator machine can be applied to granulate the recycled material of rigid PVC, soft PVC and waste PVC. It can be stopless in the course of production. It uses pneumatic conversion and strong-wind b
This PVC/CPVC hot-cutting pelletizing line consists of  SJZ series extruder and corresponding pelletizing auxiliary machines.

1. Barrel and screw are both integral structure. With perfect design and high quality that makes it more reliable and durable.
2. The hardening treatment of the screw makes it better wear-resisting and high productivity. It also has cooling device which can directly connect to the cooling system.
3. The exhaust system and quick change strainer system make sure the finished grain pure, firm and smooth.
4. The cooling system related devices are all made of stainless steel which are durable.

1. Low energy consumption:the electrical part adopts advanced frequency conversion technology.
2. High effiency: the fast net-changing device removes impurities from ganules quickly and effiently;
3. Broad application: the extruder is suitable for various hard PVC & CPVC materials.
4. Zero pollution: all parts of the granules contact are made of stainless steel.
Working Process:
PVC powder---Plastic mixer(optional)---Plastic extruder---extrusion mould---Pelletizer air cooling system---vibrating sieve(optional)---Storage Bin.

Technical Parameter:
Model PVC51 PVC55 PVC65 PVC80 PVC92
Extruder model SJZ51/105 SJZ55/110 SJZ65/132 SJZ80/156 SJZ92/188
Max. output(kg/h) 150 190 250 350 700
Extruder motor power(KW) 18.5 22 37 55 110