Catalogue of Kwell

Blade Sharpener/ Afilador de hojas

This machine is used to sharpen grind the blunt blade knife.
Straight blade sharpening machine/ knife sharpener/ Afilador de hojas

This blade/knife sharpener/sharpening machine  is widely used for grinding plastic crusher knife / blade, is designed according to plastic crusher bits easy to loose which is specially  used in sharpening the crusher blade.
Composed by the strong frame, working flat, straight orbit, reducer, grind motor and the electric parts. It has compact structure, comfortable outlook, high efficiency, easy control, is suitable for sharpening and processing each kind of straight edge cutting too.
1-Used for many kinds of steel blades/knife
2-Sharpen blade quickly and automatically, easily control and maintain
3-With space sensor can automatic go-return sharping
4-Water special clamp for different knives and can adjust the gradient of the blade/knife