Catalogue of Kwell

PC Series Plastic Crusher/ Potente trituradora de plástico

PC Crusher is widely used for whole plastic industry for crushing all kinds of material especially for plastic bottle, film and hard extruded mould die head waste plastic lump etc.  The crushed particles size can be customized.
PC Series Powerful Plastic Crusher Crushing granulator machine / Potente trituradora de plástico

PC series plastic crusher has the rational design and repeated tests and keeps improving.

The machine has some features such as light in weight, low energy consumption, good quality, long life and easy to clean. If the blade is blunt, it is easier for you to maintenance and sharpen the blades.
The whole device is easily operation and maintenance, lower noise and consumption.

PC series plastic crusher is suitable for crushing PE HDPE PP, nylon, defective plastic products of injecting and extruding machine. If you change the suitable sieve and adjust the space among the blades, it can also be used in smashing the waste of various plastic such as PVC/PP/PE films, PET bottle, plastic sheet and so on.