Catalogue of Kwell

PE PP Drinking Straw Extrusion Line/ PE PP Línea de Extrusión de Paja

Multi-color plastic drinking straw extrusion line is a set of drinking straw production line, using PP or PE as raw materials. The production line can produce colorless, single color, two-color, and three-color drinking straw. It is also suitable for maki
PE PP Drinking Straw Extrusion Line/ PE PP Línea de Extrusión de Paja

The drink straw extrusion line can be one color, two color, three color or four color according to customer requirement. We can provide straight and helix straw production line.

This production line consists kf main extruder ,die ,water tank, hauloff and cutting device, single -color,two-color and multi-color drink straw extruding lines are avaliable.
Equipped with corresponding die then can produce drink straw,nozxle.cotton slip.lollipop stick.
This drinking straw machine is our new design.
It adopts the screw diameter 50mm instead of 45mm, and L: D is 28: 1.
The new design makes it easier to plasticize and increase the output. It is an economical perfect machine for drinking straw.

We can make single color  .two color ,. three color or five color as the different request ,, here i may not show all ,but you can contract me , we have other full line ,like flexible straw machine , kinds of packing machine
 Colours: Single, two, three or five, spiral stripes, straight stripes.
All the direct contact parts made from stainless steel.