Catalogue of Kwell

Plastic Pulverizer Mill Grinder Molino de plastic

This machine is used to grind PE PP PVC PET EVA ABS...etc into powder. There are SMW series rotating blade type and MF series grinding disk type.
Plastic Pulverizer Mill Grinder  Molino de plastic 

This machine is mainly suitable for milling PVC,PE,HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE,PMMA,PC,PS,PET,ABS,MBS,PLA,EVA,rubber and so on.The suitable flake size can sending into directly is below than 12mm,final powder size is 20mesh to 100mesh.With different milling capacity 100kg/h,200kg/h,300kg/h,400kg/h by different machine model.

Main Features

1. This type can grind most kinds of Hard & Soft materials into 20-100 mesh powders in normal temperature.
2. A widely use range, PVC/PE/HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/ABS/PS/PA/PC/PET/PMMA/PLA Materials.
3. Equipped with seperatly Dust powder collector.
4. The transport pipe and silo are all bade by stainless steel, it can work much more continously than normal steel type.
5. Knife can be adjusted easily, smaller size powder or bigger size powder is just according to your demand.

6. Low energy consumption and high output.