Installation news-1000kg/h PE agricultural film washing and three stage pelletizing line installed in Tunisia

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Update time : 2017-02-25 22:36:00
Zhangjiagang Kwell Machinery Co., Ltd. is one top class professional manufacturer for plastic recycling machine and extrusion machine in China.

We just sold one PE film washing line and pelletizing line to Tunisia. This machine is used to recycle waste PE/PP film bag, by sorting, shredding, crushing, washing, rubbing, drying and extruding pelletizing, you can get clean dry PE/PP pellet granule with good quality.
This machine was installed successfully in customer`s factory by my engineers and works very well.

The above PE film washing line is 1000kg/h, which consists of:
1) shredder
2) crusher
3) high speed friction washer
4) floating washing machine
5) high speed dewatering drying machine

The above pelletizing line adopts three stage design.
You can feed wet film into the first stage extruder
Diameter of the screw is 180mm
Pelletizing way can be by water ring or strand noodle 

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