Shipping news-China Kwell recycling-1000kg/h PE PP film recycling pelletizing(granulating) line shipping to Hungary

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Update time : 2018-07-06 21:06:00
                                                                    ---Shipping news.

My company shipped one 1000kg/h PE PP film pelletizing(granulating) extrusion line to Hungary, Europe on 6th, July, 2018.
This pelletizing line adopts compactor(agglomerator,granulator) type (3-in-1 type) water ring cutter, vacuum venting system.
Diameter of screw is 180mm.
Horizontal type water ring pelletizer(cutter)
3 ways of material feeding: belt conveyor, reel feeder, hard plastic vacuum feeder.
Horizontal type water ring cutter adopts pneumatic clamping technology, rotating speed of blade is synchronized with the melt pressure of die head. Full automatic.