HDPE/PP hard flake pelletizing line

Item No.: PE/PP granulator-02
The machine is used to recycle rigid PE PP flake or agglomerated material to get plastic pellet in the end
Suitable material shapes:
agglomerated film, crushed material, such as Rigid milk bottle, shampoo bottle, chemical barrel, pipes…etc

1. Single stage, double stage, single screw
3. Water ring hot die face cutting, strand noodle cutting
4. CE certificate
5. Lower power consume,
6. More stable output
7. Smooth & full pellets
8. after sale service
Material shapes: agglomerated film, crushed material (PE, PP)

Diversified option of machine :

1.Normal forced feeder pelletizing line
work procedure:
Crushed film→spiral charger→feeder→mother extruder →hydraulic screen changer →baby extruder→hydraulic screen changer→pelletizing system →air transmission →silo storage

2.Side forced feeder pelletizing line
work procedure:
Crushed film→air transmission→side forced feeder→mother extruder →hydraulic screen changer →baby extruder→hydraulic screen changer →pelletizing system →air transmission →silo storage

How it works:
1. Screw charger uploading the material by timer
2. Feeder and extruder is controlled by inverter
3. Different L/D for different material
4. Nature degassing, vacuum degassing adopting for moisture
5. Water ring die face cutting or strand noodle cutting
6. Mother-baby model for stable output

Technical Parameter:

Side force feeding type pelletizing line
Model Screw Diameter(mm) Main Motor Power(kw) Side Force Feeder Motor Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h)
SJ00/30 Φ100 55-75 5.5 150-200
SJ120/30 Φ120 75-90 7.5-11 200-350
SJ130/30 Φ130 90-110 11 300-400
SJ150/30 Φ150 132-160 15 350-500
SJ160/33 Φ160 160-185 15 450-550
SJ180/33-36 Φ180 185-200 18.5 600-800
SJ200/33-36 Φ200 200-250 22 800-1000

Vertical type force feeding pelletizing line
Model SJ45 SJ65 SJ90 SJ100/120 SJ120/150 SJ150/180 SJ180/200
SJ100 SJ120 SJ120 SJ150 SJ150 SJ180 SJ180 SJ200
Screw Diameter(mm) Φ45 Φ65 Φ90 Φ100 Φ120 Φ120 Φ150 Φ150 Φ180 Φ180 Φ200
Motor Power(kw) 15 22 37 45-75 37 75-110 45 132-160 55 160-185 75
L/D 25 25-28 25-28 25-33 10-12 28-33 10-12 28-33 10-12 28-36 10-12
Capacity(kg/h) 10-30 50-100 80-150 100-250 150-350 250-500 400-700
Double stage is optional.
The above capacity is based on film scrap/rigid flake/agglomerated material, actual capacity varies with different condition of raw material.
May 02, 2020
Hello I am a represenative a company from Albania that work with plastic. We have a Injection Moulding Machine . We make material flake PP,PE . Now we are looking for singel Extruder, capacity 150 kg/h 00355692708166