PC180 small mini crusher machine

This PC180 model crusher is the smallest model.
Motor power 1.5kw or 2.2kw, power supply can be single phase or three phase. Light in weight, compact in structure.
PC180 small mini crusher machine Kwell

Machine Application:
This PC180 crusher (shredder/granulator) is suitable for crushing waste plastic products, plastic film, rubber products, woven bag, fiber, paper, wood and some parts of electrical equipments.

Machine Performance Characteristic:
1. Strong structure, easy to operate, low electricity consumption & durable
2. The blades can be sharpened for many times and can be used repeatedly
3. Has protection system with the power supply to ensure the equipment safe
4. Easy to clean and maintain, the hopper, crusher room, blades and screen can be removed and mounted easily.

Technical parameter:
Model Motor Power(KW) Rotary Blade(pcs) Fixed Blade(pcs) Capacity(kg/h)
PC180 1.5 or 2.2 9 2 20-60