PE/PP film pelletizing line

Item No.: PE/PP granulator-01
This PE/PP granulating line is used to recycle PE/PP roll, Bags, film scraps, buddle film, film sheet, shrink film, garbage bags, stretch film, post-consumer bags, shopping bags, PP non-woven bag, cement bag, rotajet bags, washed flakes to make granule/pe
Applicable plastic materials: PP, HDPE, LDPE,  LLDPE, TPV, ABS and PS
Material shapes: film, bag and flake
Material types: woven bag, printed LDPE film, film (rolls, loose, bundled) waste agriculture film, foamed plastics (EPS) and raffia

Compacting---Extrusion---Pelletizing  3-in-1
Extruder type: One Stage; Two Stage (mother and baby)
Pelletizing type: Hot Die face Water ring pelletizing; Strand Noodle pelletizing

General introduction:
1. From shredding compactor, the material is transported directly into the extruder by a belt conveyor without being precut or compressed. The rate of material feeding is controlled automatically by the current of the extruder motor and main extruder screw rotating speed. This design will keep material with balance feeding, and protect material from blocking and melting in the shredding compactor.
2. Degassing parts: natural degassing/ vacuum degassing
Melting plastic is filtered by a continuous melt filter (plate hydraulic screen filter, double volume screen changer) available with or without back-flushing system. According to material type, the pelletizing way can be equipped with a water ring, strand or underwater pelletizing system.

3. Dedicated screw and barrel design: The screw is specially designed for recycled materials based on their characteristics. The unique design ensures full degassing in operation.
4. Die-face pelletizing is expected to reduce manpower cost.
5. Extruder is equipped with pressure sensors. Pressure sensor is used to detect pressure. When it's time to replace filter screen, warning light will ring.
6. Single extruder is suitable for clean materials such as injection leftovers and production waste.

How it works:
1. Feeder(belt feeder/reel feeder)
Feeding is automatic according to customer requirements.

2. Compactor
The material is cut in the compactor, mixed, heated,dried,densified and buffered.

3. Extruder
Melting the plastic and extruding

4. Degassing zone:
Air and water etc is volatilized here. The material is extruded to the die 5 and 6 pelletizer.

Final pellets can be used for blowing, extruding and injecting area!

Energy Saving:
We use speed reducer motors from Germany. Statistics show that energy can be saved by 20%.

Space Saving: 3 in 1 plastic recycling machine integrates shredding, extruding and pelletizing into one machine. Besides, the hot die-face pelletizing reduces the labor cost of drawing strands. Without water cooling bath, 3 in 1 plastic recycling machine takes less space.

Efficiency Improvement: Dual pistons hydraulic screen changers keep the machine operating nonstop even when replacing the filter screen. It greatly increases overall throughput and minimizes the chance of waste. 

Overall benefits of Our Machine:
Low operating cost
Easy operation
High output

Technical parameter:
Extruder model Compactor power(kw) Extruder power(kw) Capacity(kg/h)
SJ85 37 55 180-250
SJ100 55 90 250-300
SJ120 75 110 200-400
SJ130 90 132 400-500
SJ150 90 160 500-600
SJ160 110 185 600-700
SJ180 160 250 800-1000