PE/PP film washing recycling machine

Item No.: PE/PP-01
This PE PP film recycling machine can be used for sorting, crushing , washing drying waste plastic such as PE/PP film, shopping bags, PP woven bag, packinig bags etc.
Capacity: 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 1000kg/h. With different solution.
Has been CE and ISO 900

PE/PP film washing recycling machine
KWELL Company provides best plastic recycling solutions, including sorting, shredding, crushing, washing, drying. The recycling machine is suitable for LDPE film, PP woven bag, PA fishing net…etc.

Plastic film is valuable secondary resources in recycling market, recycled film can be used for granulating, injection molding, extrusion, film blowing and to produce wide range of products.

The waste plastic film to be processed can be in different conditions in terms of humidity, contamination, form. The plastic film in recycling market are basically divided into the following families:

  Agricultural film (including greenhouse, mulching,, tunnel and banana film)

  Post-consumer film (including film from landfills and selective collections)

  Post-commercial and post-industrial film (including material 100% stretch)

For the film recycling industry, KWELL company offers a series of well developed recycling lines for the efficient recycling of all kinds of film materials.

Process Flow:

(Debaler→Trommel Screening→Shredding→Dust&Sand Remover→)Wet CrushingContinuous Friction WasherContinuous Floating WasherDewateringDryingCyclone Silo

Technical parameter:

Capacity(output)(kg/h) Power Installed(kw) Area(m2) Water Supply(m3)
300 120 100 1
500 180 150 2
1000 290 300 2
Jul 16, 2018
Good day, my name is Gladikov Andrey, we are SEKO-PACK company from Odessa city, Ukraine. We are looking for washing and recycling machine with output capacity 500 kg os LDPE. Coud yoy inform me the price. Reards, Gladikov Andrey + 38 067 485 70 10 mobile + 38 048 777 00 17 office