PVC spiral suction hose extrusion line

PVC spiral helix suction hose extrusion line

Item No.: PVC spiral hose-09
This machine is mainly used to produce PVC spiral helix suction pipes. The pipes are applied in many fields, such as city life water supply, drainage, farm irrigation, and other fields.
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PVC Helix Suction Hose extrusion line

Features of PVC spiral suction hose
1) Highly flexible, excellent softness, medium weight, extremely compressible and ultimate elongation
2) Hard PVC ribs reinforced
3) Good tearing resistant and pressure resistance, anti-cracking, anti-abrasion, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, excellent resistance to oil and petrol fumes, hydrolysis resistance
4) Excellent stability and flexibility under performance

Applications of PVC spiral suction hose
Widely used for foodstuffs and sanitation lines, conveying milk, beverage,distilled liquor, beer, jam and other foods, ventilation of dust and fumes, air, smoke,hot and warm air duct, air conditioning system, industrial vacuum cleaners, suction and transmission of large granular abrasive particles such as sawdust, timber off cuts, metal swarf, oil, mist spray extraction, plastic processing machinery, etc.


Technical Parameters
Model SJ45 SJ65
Extruder SJ45/28 SJ65/28
Diameter Range(mm) Φ12-Φ50 Φ63-Φ200
Output(kg/h) 20-40 40-75
Installed Power(kw) 35 50

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