PVC spiral suction hose extrusion line

TPU Spiral Helix Suction Hose extrusion Machine

Item No.: TPU spiral hose-01
This machine is mainly used to produce TPU spiral helix suction pipes.
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TPU Spiral Helix Suction Hose extrusion Machine

Application Abrasion Resistant Protective Hose is usually applied on suction, s especially for abrasion resistance solids, such as dust, fiber, powder, scraps, and particulate materials. It is also used for medium of liquid and gaseity, industry dust cleaning and suction, industry vacuum suction cleaner, suction for paper and textile fiber.

Features: The hose inner layer is flat, can be extensible, which has high chemical resistance, good anti-ultraviolet. Bending radius is small and the gas and liquid cannot be leaked out.

Structure: Hose wall is covered with spiral rigid plastic, inner wall is flat and smooth.

Material: Hose wall is polyurethane (PU). Spiral rigid rib is PVC.

Temperature range: It is from -20°C to +90°C and can get  up to +120 °C in a short time.

Machine aprameters:

Model JDS45 JDS65 JDS80
Extruder SJ45/28 SJ65/28 SJ80/28
Pipe diameter
¢20—¢50 ¢60—¢200 ¢75—¢300
Output(kg/h) 20 — 40 40 — 75 60 — 110
Installed power
35 50 80

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